Casinos all over America turn to one name when it comes to slot machines and that is Bally Technologies Incorporated. This company has its origins in Chicago as Bally Manufacturing Corporation. The company went under after the World War II. Its name was used by other companies which bought the company. The present survivor of the brand bally was started in the year 1968 as Advanced Patent Technologies. It was later named as Alliance Gaming Corporation. After its acquisition of Bally Gaming, it created a subsidiary for manufacturing slot machines. The success of the casino slots brand bally made the company rename the entire corporation as Bally Technologies Inc.

The combination of three successive 7's is the ultimate dream of any gambler. This combination was first introduced by Bally in their slot machine Millionaire 777 slot machines. If the user gets this combination in his slot machine, he wins the progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot is a jackpot that adds in value gradually with time until it is won. The amount gets reset once someone wins the jackpot. This successful feature was included in nearly all slot machines Bally manufactured.

One of the most innovative slot machines ever created is the Cash for Life slot machine. The usual slot machine winner gets the prize and is happy for a short time until he spends the money. A Cash for Life winner wins an amazing $1000 every week for the rest of his life. Marriages are said to be meant for the rest of the life but it never turns out that way but a Cash for Life winner gets the deal for the rest of his life. Playboy as a magazine is one of the most popular men's magazines and it lent its brand for a slot machine manufactured by bally.

Bally technologies are also credited with manufacturing fantastic pinball machines. The company made a hybrid version of Pac-Man, a popular arcade game and Pinball to create a successful Baby Pac-man pinball machine. The company on the back of its gambling successes went on a acquiring spree and bought several casinos in Las Vegas. The venture did not however bear fruit and Bally had to sell off its stake in the casinos. The name Bally enjoys such brand power that is unrivaled in the gambling industry.

Bally brand name has such reach and power that prompted a larger company which acquired it to change its original name to Bally. The 75th year of existence of brand name bally has become the base of a book called "Bally - The World's Game Maker". The author of the book is Dr. Christian Marfels. The company in the new millennium launched a video slot machine Hot Shot Progressives which had become an instant success. This product has gone on to become the biggest success of the company even bettering the company's success of the Blazing 777 series slot machines and the Millionaire 777 slot machines. The brand Bally has stood the test of time and is spreading its reach wide and far.

Like other slot manufacturers, Bally has broken into the penny slots arena with popular titles such as Silver & Gold, Hot Shot Frenzy, Golden Crown, and Perseus - Gordon's Lair.

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