International Gaming Technology is one of the biggest known companies there is in the gaming industry. It started out with the video poker industry and has sold more video poker machines than any other company. Most people associate the International Gaming Technology with video poker. What many people do not know is the fact that they manufacture slot machines also and that too in large numbers.

It would not be wrong to call them a giant in the slot machine manufacturing industry and they produce wvey type of slot possible, from big to small, from video to mechanical, from penny slots to high limit slots

Initially, the International Gaming Technology was into the manufacture of Video Poker machines. But when the slot industry started evolving, they got into the manufacturing of slot machines also. This was around the year 1981. At that stage, these slot machines were based on the older generation and mechanical reels and mechanical levers were used. With the advancement of technology, these mechanical slot machines were replaced by computerized slot machines

With mechanical slot machines, size was a constraint. The size of the jackpot depended on the size of the slot machine. So, a very big jackpot was not possible as it was difficult to have very large slot machines. But when the random number generator chip was introduced, there was no problem of size. And with the introduction of the random number generator, the progressive jackpot became a reality. And it was the International Gaming Technology which started experimenting with this.

However, people did not notice the value of the random number generator immediately. Slot machines continued to be the old way and the games were almost the same. But in the year 1986, the International Gaming Technology, brought about a revolution in the gaming industry. It was in this year that the IGT launched Megabucks which made them the uncrowned king of the slot machine industry. Megabucks was the first progressive slot and every time a person played on a machine, some money was added to the progressive jackpot. And the longer one went without winning, the more money they would get in the progressive jackpot.

This is by far the most popular progressive slot game there is. It ia based on a game show of the eighties. Not only is the jackpot big, but people also get a bonus game to spin the wheel to increase their winnings. Thus there are two ways here to make money. And this is probably why the game has been very popular for over 15 years.

The IGT took inspiration from television and many of their slot machines was based on what was seen on TV. They made popular sitcoms like I Love Lucy and Bewitched into slot machine gimmicks. And it was not like these were their only slot machines. They even made slot machines which looked like classic models but they included progressive slots or additional bonuses. Some examples of this kind of slot machines are Red, White and Blue and Double Diamond.

IGT also carries an enormous penny slots collection including popular penny slot machines like Wolf Run, Wheel of Fortune, Cleopatra II, and eBay.

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