Before we start listing all the best online casinos with penny slots, we thought it was important to debunk a few popular myths surrounding penny slot machines. That way, you can feel confident about playing penny slots and having a good time.


MYTH: This is my lucky penny slot machine!

TRUTH: While it would be nice to truly have a lucky penny slot machine, nothing could be further from reality. The fact is, all penny slot machines use random number generators (even online ones). That means they are all equal. I realize we still like to believe in some magical force to deliver us big wins, and if that makes slots more exciting to you, go for it! Just know that there is no formula to picking a winning penny slot machine.


MYTH: After a penny slot machine hits a jackpot, it has to tighten up to even out.Or on the flip side, when a jackpot hasn’t been hit for a long time, the machine is “due” to pay off.

TRUTH: This is a really popular myth. I cringe every time I hear someone say "I saw someone just hit $x,xxx on that machine, it won't pay off now. The casino has to make their money back" Again, slots run off random number generators. Yes, they are set to pay off a percentage, but that's over a long period of time. In other words, if a penny slot machine hits the jackpot, you have the same chance of hitting another jackpot on the next spin, as you did before the jackpot hit. Also, just because someone played a penny slot machine for a long time and didn't win, doesn't make it more likely to pay off if you play it.


MYTH: I got up from a machine and the jackpot hit. If I would have played a little longer it would have been mine.

TRUTH: The random number generators on slot machines are constantly calculating thousands of combinations that represent which spots a spin will land on. As soon as you hit the SPIN button the RNG calculates what combination the machine will land on. That means, for you to have hit the jackpot on that machine, you would have had to hit SPIN at the exact same time as the other person did. This is highly unlikely, so you shouldn't feel bad.


MYTH: Online casino penny slots pay less than live casinos

TRUTH: This is a biggie! Online casino penny slots actually pay MORE than live casinos! Due to the popularity of online gaming and less overhead (no light bills, buffets, etc), online casinos with penny slots can afford to give away more money. Most brick and mortar live casinos pay back between 90-93% while online casinos pay back around 95-97%.


Penny Slot Machine Myths Summary

Remember, all penny slots are created equal. At least for the most part. Since slot machines use random number generators, your chances of winning are the same, regardless of whether a machine has recently been hit or not. Don't depend on a magic formula or superstition to pick a penny slot machine. Instead, use available resources to find the best places to play penny slots. For example, the fact that online penny slots have a higher payback percentage, plus great deposit bonuses, makes them an excellent way to win more at slots. As always, you can turn to PennySlotsDirectory for all the information you need about playing penny slots at online casinos.


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