Although they do not accept players from the USA, Cryptologic have developed a reputation as one of the worlds best slots producers. This is a long-established company that began making thier first online slots not long after that in 1996

Made famous originally for providing basic slots that work well and are fun to play, Cryptologic have moved on to make more complex, interesting and exciting game with every year that passes. Possibly the most famous range of games in the online slots world are the Marvel Comic games, that include games like Spiderman, Green Lantern and of course, the most popular slot of all, The Incredible Hulk

In addition, Cryprologic also have a range of games that they produce in conjunction with Paramount Movies. With plenty to come from this deal, they have already given us games like Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Conan the Barbarian. There will be a lot more to come from this Paramount partneship as time goes by

Of course, the company are not just about famous brand names. There are also a lot of 3-reel slots on offer, with that classic taste to them. Some of these are vritually identical to the ones in Vegas, whilst some of them come with a twist that gives a refreshing look and feel to this type of game that you may not get in a land-based casino

So, what is it that makes Cryptologic games so popular? It's probably the attention to detail, with every aspect working perfectly.

There is a good choice of penny slots games with both low and high variability in the amount of times you win, so you can pick out the type of slots that suit you best. Some people like to play games that give out lots of small wins (low variance), whilst other people would prefer the games where you might not win anything for a long time, but when you do you tend to get a big one. Cyrptologic have all the games that woudl suit anyone, whichever style they like the best

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