The name Williams has been a long standing brand name in the American gaming industry. It was created as Williams Manufacturing Company by Harry E. Williams in 1943. It was a pinball table manufacturing initially when it was created. It was then acquired by Seeburg Corporation in 1973.

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It was rechristened Williams Electronics Manufacturing Division. The company diversified into electronics and arcade games. The tilt mechanism in pinball machines is credited with this company. The company has found success in its pinball and video arcade games segment.

The company was involved with pinball tables initially. It released many pinball tables of which suspense was the popular one. After its acquisition in 1973, the company had no looking back in the penny slots gaming industry. The company had given famous pin ball machines like Shangri-la, gold rush, Apollo before entering the slot and video arcade machine segment.

The company entered the arcade game segment with its first offering Defender which had an alien space attack as the theme. It proved hugely successful and pushed it to the top spot in an growing industry. Joust and Robotron: 2084 were the other offering of the company in the arcade business. The company acquired the pinball arm of the successful Bally group. This venture gave many successful pinball games like Addams Family, Twilight Zone and Pinball 2000. This business however went down the drain with the advancement in technology and loss of interest in the public.

After pinball machines and arcade games, WMS entered the hotel industry and met with moderate success. It opened a chain of hotels to cater to the gamblers. It made an important decision to enter the lucrative slot machines segment in 1994. It released its slot machine Reel 'em in which turned out to be the biggest success of the company.

This video slot machine had a multi coin capability and had a impressive payout ratio. It even created a slot machine with the brand name of a popular cowboy type movie actor 'Clint Eastwood'. The actor's popular cowboy movies were adopted as the theme for these video slot machines. It went on to make popular slot machines like Powerball, Green Acres and Dukes of Hazzard. The company then made an innovative contribution to the gaming industry by combining a very popular board game "monopoly" into a slot machine theme. This proved to be very successful. The company also tasted success with the Men in Black brand of slots. It was based on a popular Sci-fi movie about aliens residing in Earth among humans.

The company has grown in leaps and bounds from where it was originally started by its founder. It entered the various segments of the gaming industry and found success. It has weathered many a storm in the gaming industry and has come out stronger after every crisis. It has now reached a stage where it is publicly traded company raking in revenues worth more than $450 million dollars for the financial year 2007. It has a place among the Big Three of the Gaming industry and is an established entity in the industry.

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